We are Cooper Agency, launching global design brands.

Our bright Greenpoint office connects architects, interior designers, builders and industry decision makers to products manufactured worldwide.

Our office

Cooper Agency has been connecting suppliers and the architecture sector since 2015. We work closely with each of our clients to establish and implement a strategy into the US market. From a New York base, and with our connections to all major design hubs in the North America region, we organize and run daily presentations, high-value meetings, integrated marketing initiatives and curated events.

Organize a time to discuss your expansion plan with Cooper today.

All products, brands and initiatives are at a different stage of their expansion plan. We will customize our base offering to ensure we are hitting each of your key milestones.

Our offering

We work with each company in three distinct ways:

Brand development

Business development

Bespoke event curation

This approach allows our clients to use the services they need, as they need.

Cooper Agency Global

Founded in 2015 by Laura Garro. Based in Brooklyn, NY.

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